Energy Medicine (EM) combines concepts and procedures from ancient healing traditions with contemporary scientific understanding of health, wellness and healing. It can be used both as a complementary practice to allopathic (western) medicine and as a health support system in its own right. It is at the cutting edge of clinical and scientific understanding of the power of the mind body connection and how to better support health and healing, and it reaches into the very heart of being human.

Eden Energy Medicine is designed to restore the natural balances and rhythms of the body’s energy systems. In doing so, the body’s physical symptoms of disease and illness are supported to correct themselves.  As Christiane Northrup, M.D. put it so eloquently “Energy is the prime mover of all we see and know. You change the energy and your body has to respond.”

In support of Health and Wellness, Energy Medicine can:

  • Greatly enhance your quality of life.
  • Improve your body’s ability to heal naturally and efficiently.
  • Enhance and increase the effectiveness of herbs and medications.
  • Be an excellent complement to any other conventional medical treatments, often assisting in their success and in greatly reducing or completely eliminating any unwanted side effects.
  • Pain management and release.
  • Performance enhancement for Professionals - athletics, performance artists, politicians, business executives.  Professional people have unique challenges from balance to focus.

Eden Energy Medicine is considered ADJUNCTIVE to conventional medical treatment rather than alternative.  EEM can bring balance to the body's energy system, supporting rather than replacing the care of health professionals.

Repairing the Basic Grid:

Embedded throughout the body is a grid pattern. Dense and slow-moving, it is the foundation of the other energy systems, and the innermost energy. It is like the energies skeletal system and can become broken by physical or emotional trauma. It directly supports the bones, but much more than that, a strong Grid system will support all the energies of the body.  Although we can live all our lives with a break in the grid system, repairing the Basic Grid strengthens us to fully thrive.                                                         

Once your energies are generally balanced and your vitality is strengthened you may want to discuss having Grid work. Repairing of the Basic Grid requires a minimum of three sessions; preparation, connection, and a follow-up session.

The Grid connection session requires approximately three hours. The cost for the appointment includes a follow-up session. Please contact Calista Stafford directly at to inquiry about this appointment.


We are stamped by a way of being that traces to earlier experiences, family background, and genetic inheritance. This can also involve experiences prior to birth, including those in utero and possibly tracing to previous lifetimes or ancestral memories. A Regression session allows a client to recall or re-experience previous events that have shaped current patterns in a way that can heal what is not healed, complete what is not completed. We adapt the best way we can with residue of an unhealed past and that is why both Grid and Regression can be such great gifts to a client.                                                                                                       

The Regression session requires approximately two hours to complete. The cost for the appointment includes a follow-up session.



“There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light” -Rumi


“Dr. Renee McSwain and Kaiya Larson from Sagelight Integrative Wellness Center are recognized as TOP Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners for both the Howard and Montgomery County, Maryland regions and are featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, MSNBC, Oprah Winfrey Network, BRAVO and other networks"

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