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Sagelight Integrative Wellness Center


Summer is in the Air!

Photo Credit: House Beautiful As we celebrate the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice, we are reminded of the full energetic of the Summer season. Summer time is associated with vacations, warmth, sun, fun, activity, and being out and connecting to others. The Summer season is associated with the element of Fire. In Chinese…

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Winter Self-Care

Winter Herbal Magic Winter time brings with it many gifts.  But with its gifts comes its shadow side.  Many people need a bit of support this time of year to help balance stagnation. Some of the best herbs for support in the winter time are warming herbs. Think Chai tea, and Ginger tea, many people’s…

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A peaceful transition into Autumn

The days are getting shorter, the light becoming more yellow, and the air has a crispness to it. The kids are headed back to school, and an excitement of new beginnings comes up within me unlike any other time of year. For some, it’s New Year’s, but for me, fall is the time of year…

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Hello Summer!!!

On an early summer evening, I stroll slowly around my yard tailing my ever vibrant and active preschooler. I contemplate on the events coming through the crashing wave we know as summer. Any one of these thoughts could send me personally into a tailspin of list making and planning….but not tonight. Tonight I am struck…

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