Winter Self-Care

Winter Herbal Magic

Winter time brings with it many gifts.  But with its gifts comes its shadow side.  Many people need a bit of support this time of year to help balance stagnation.

Some of the best herbs for support in the winter time are warming herbs. Think Chai tea, and Ginger tea, many people’s favorite teas this time of year.

The reason why warming herbs are so perfect for the season is that as it gets colder out many people grow less active, going outside less, moving their bodies less. Warming herbs like ginger and cinnamon increase circulation in the body and quite literally warm you from the inside out. Herbs such as ginger and black pepper also enhance digestion and assist in supporting a healthy metabolism. Though the Holidays are lovely and joyous, many of us have eaten foods we normally would not, and need some digestive support to get our bodies back in order.

Other herbs that are wonderful this time of year are a class of herbs called lymphatic herbs. Lymphatic herbs move lymph fluid in the body.   This action can also be caused by exercising, drinking water and dry brushing the skin.  It is very important to support the lymphatic system in order to maintain a healthy immune system and body. A couple of herbs that can support you in this arena are Calendula and Cleavers. These herbs are great in a tea or tincture form.

If you’re seeking some support this time of year herbs provide great healing abilities.  Herbs along with diet and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in how you feel as the New Year rolls in.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you!