Sagelight Integrative Wellness Center


M.S., M.A. Therapeutic Herbalist, Health and Wellness Coach and Nutritionist

Nicki completed her undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a focus on Latin American studies and Spanish from American University that instilled within her a deep love for all people and cultures from around the world. In conjunction with her post-graduate work her desire is to find ways to connect and to give back to her community and the world as a whole.  Her search led her to become a healer and to serve as a guide for others seeking greater well being.  Nicki has received multiple degrees from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She has completed a Masters degree in Therapeutic Herbalism, a Masters in Wellness Coaching and a Masters of Science in Nutrition.  She has also received a post-masters certificate in Clinical Herbal Medicine.  She brings a light and love to each of her sessions with clients that stems from her passion for natural healing and her connection to plant medicine.  

As an herbalist, she provides one on one consultations and formulates custom created herbal blends for each client's unique needs.  Herbal formulas can address physiological issues, as well as imbalances in emotional and spiritual well-being.  Each formula is created with the whole person in mind.  She believes herbal medicine can serve as a great partner in her client’s healing journey.

In her nutrition sessions, she offers one on one consults to examine diet, health history, laboratory tests and lifestyle.  She works with each client to find a plan in order to integrate beneficial changes and teaches ways to use food as a healing medicine.  Each custom client session includes coaching, lifestyle recommendations and food ideas or recipes.

Nicki’s main goal is to help each client feeling more well, happy and peaceful than when they arrived.  Nicki works to guide her clients to transformation and complete well-being that leaves them feeling radiant and well: mind, body and spirit. She is a partner on your wellness journey, and a facilitator in helping you realize your full potential.  



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